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5 Interesting Toothbrush Designs

5 Interesting Toothbrush DesignsYou wouldn’t think a stick with some bristles on one end would need a lot of different versions, but it’s like how the old saying goes:  “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”  Plenty of strange and interesting toothbrush ideas have popped up over the years, and you can find more than a few if you know where to look.

When Is It Time For A Sleep Apnea Appliance?

When Is It Time For A Sleep Apnea Appliance?Millions of people snore.  Some snore all night and in all positions, and some only snore when they sleep on their backs.  The condition that causes snoring is a partially obstructed airway, which means the throat muscles relax to the point that they get in the way and vibrate as you breathe.  But despite how that sounds, you can snore like a truck downshifting on the highway and have absolutely no trouble breathing at night.  Sleep apnea is a step above even that.

Flossing Won’t Hurt Forever

Flossing Won’t Hurt ForeverOne of the biggest reasons why many people don’t floss, including both children and adults, is because of the pain that comes afterward.  After running a piece of waxed string between their teeth, most people experience swelling and bleeding gums, and the swelling can take several hours to go back down.  Worse yet, the same thing seems to happen after the second time you floss, too.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?The perfect smile includes white teeth all lined up in a perfect row, or at least that’s what people say.  And a perfect smile is more than just cosmetic:  straight white teeth are healthy teeth and a good sign that you take care of your body.

However, the fact is that human teeth aren’t naturally white.  They’re an off-white a few shades off, a sort of yellowish-white that never seems to get to that perfect pure white shade without plenty of tooth whitener.  So what’s the deal with your tooth color?  What keeps them from being white?

4 Ways Toothpaste Enhances Brushing

4 Ways Toothpaste Enhances BrushingBrushing your teeth without any toothpaste can help your mouth a surprising amount.  The brushing action alone scrapes away plaque and the bacteria that creates it loosens food particles and helps strengthen your gums by rubbing them.  However, modern toothpaste has several ingredients that improve the effects of brushing your teeth, such as the following:

5 Symptoms Of Tooth Cavities

5 Symptoms Of Tooth CavitiesIf you visit your dentist regularly, you shouldn’t have to worry about cavity symptoms.  When they’re small, cavities don’t cause many toothaches or other issues, plus they’re easier to drill and fill.  With proper care and attention, you might never experience an aching tooth in your life.

However, not everyone goes to the dentist as often as they should, and not everyone brushes and flosses every day.  Once a cavity gets big enough, it’ll start making itself known with the following symptoms.

Make Flossing Easier With The Right Tools

Make Flossing Easier With The Right ToolsMost people think of a pain in their gums when they think of flossing, but that pain goes away after you start flossing regularly.  On the other hand, there is another pain that never goes away:  the pain of wrapping the floss around your finger.  Between that and the way floss gets slippery with saliva, it can be inconvenient to use.  But that’s not an excuse any more thanks to all the flossing tools you can find at any drug store.

Cavity Fillings Are An Ounce Of Prevention

Cavity Fillings Are An Ounce Of PreventionNobody loves to go to the dentist for a tooth filling.  A regular cleaning is bad enough with the metal hooks scraping the tartar off your teeth and a dentist poking around in every corner of your mouth.  Cavity fillings add to this by drilling out your teeth and sometimes causing some serious pain in the process, plus the anesthetic makes your lips and tongue feel fat for a while afterward.

Why Can Dentists Use Metal Picks When You Can’t?

Why Can Dentists Use Metal Picks When You Can’t?There are some things that you just shouldn’t put in your mouth, and metal is near the top of the list.  Aside from having no nutritional value, metal is hard enough to damage your tooth enamel, and if you bite down hard enough you can chip or break your teeth entirely.  But if all that is true, then why do dentists and dental hygienists get to scrape away at your teeth with metal probes and picks?

2 Alternatives To Teeth Whiteners

2 Alternatives To Teeth WhitenersTeeth whiteners can be an effective and inexpensive way to remove stains and yellowness while brightening your smile, but the hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals used for this treatment can lead to sensitive teeth, plus the treatments will eventually wear off.  However, there are alternatives to whiteners that can avoid these side effects and last longer at the same time.